About Us

​​St. John Preschool encourages investigation as well as both teacher and child initiated experiences through which children will meet specific goals as outlined by the Connecticut Early Learning Standards. Our curriculum stands on fundamental beliefs and guiding principles that provide a foundation of support for young children as stated in part in the CT Early Learning and Development Guidelines.  

We believe that children:
• Are capable and competent
• Learn best when their basic needs are met
• Are unique in their growth and development
• Develop and learn within the context of their family and culture

We believe that families:
• Are the primary caregivers and educators of young children
• Are critical partners in all early learning environments
• Are strengthened through cultural understanding and identity development

We believe that early learning environments:
• Support young children to learn in the context of positive relationships
• Reinforce the importance of the cultural context of young children, families, and communities
• Provide opportunities for active exploration
•Provide meaningful inclusion of children with special needs where appropriate
• Provide experiences that are relevant and integrated across domains of development
• Intentionally promote the development of skills and knowledge
• Provide opportunities for children to benefit from diversity
• Support children’s language development in their primary language 

We believe that strong communities:
• Believe in, invest in, and provide a full range of high quality resources for young children and families that support early growth and development
• Build a sense of belonging and identity to the Christian community


We are a small school by design. We provide a nurturing extension of your home, and a strong foundation in preparation for elementary school. Our staff knows every child and parent by name, so children always feel loved and safe.

Our school sits in the shadow of St. John Church and students get to know our parish, priests and staff. As such, their religion and church feels as much a part of their lives as school and home.

We further enrich our curriculum with programs that explore themes of science, social studies, literacy, music, arts and community, including visits from storytellers, naturalists, plus Darien Fire Department, Police and Library.

Our Parents Association provides several events, including Mary’s Baby Shower, Valentines for the Elderly, Parents Nights and more. SJPA also provides a valuable network of parents to support you and your child during the preschool years and beyond.